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Quality Pekin Bantam Chicks

Quality Pekin Bantam Chicks

Posted by Floating FeatherCottage (Umina Beach) on 13-Nov-20 04:42 PM AEST
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Floating Feather Cottage is our small business that we run from our home. We take great pride and care in the health, maintenance and breeding of our quality pure breed Pekin Bantams.

Our Pekin Bantams are free to roam about in a large open, protected penned area where they can dust bath in the sun, run around foraging and enjoying their days outside.

Our Pekins are feed on a diet of our own unique seed blend with added garlic and vitamins. They receive clean fresh water daily plus a variety of protein treats. As we also have a native beehive there are no nasty pesticides or chemicals used on any of the plants or grass.

Pekin Bantams are a great small chicken for children as they are a lovely and docile breed & like to be around people. With careful and regular handling, they make ideal pets. Pekins are a true bantam, with no corresponding large fowl. They are short, mostly only every reaching 20-30cm tall. The feathers are so profuse that they cover them from head to foot.

Hatching this weekend, we will have a limited number of chicks available from our mixed pen, breed from quality show stock. Little round balls of fluff that are super cute, healthy and ready to find new homes. All our chicks are treated for coccidiosis.

Please remember that chickens are a flock bird and having 1 or 2 is not idea for their health. We recommend a minimum of 3 chicks when starting up a flock.

We have a special offer for the first 10 customers who take home 2 or more chicks - you will receive a free 500g bag of medicated chick crumble and 2 x Avitrol Plus Bird Wormer Tablets.

Chicks: 0 - 2 weeks
• $25
• unsexed

Limited Older Chicks: 2 - 4 weeks
• $15 male / $30 female
• sexed

Please bring a suitable box or carrier that will keep your little chicks warm for their trip home. They are very small (as they are bantams) and are required to be under heat the next 6 weeks in a brooder box or similar.

Limited number of Pullets will also be available in the coming months.

If you would like to place an order your chicks to ensure you don’t miss out , you can contact us via:

*Mobile SMS: 0402993003

Chicks can be picked up by appointment.

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