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Pig Feed/Poultry Feed/Grains

Posted by johnlivestocksfarm (Orange) on 23-Jul-22 09:54 AM AEST
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Pig Feed/Poultry Feed/Grains

If you have Pigs, Poultry/Birds, Sheep or Horses we have something to make your animals even happier.

6 Rations of Pig Feed:




Dry Sow

Lactating Sow

Combined Sow

If you're not sure what stage your pigs are at, we're here to help.

Poultry/Layer Feed:

14%, 16% and 18% Protein Layer

Chick Starter 20%

Pullet Grower 18%

Game Bird starter 23%

Game Bird Grower 20%

Game Bird Breeder 20%

Sheep/Multi-species pellets available.

We have a variety of grains available as whole or cracked/milled; Barley, Wheat, Lupins, Corn/Maize, Oats, Peas, Linseed, (Brown).

Soybean meal, Canola meal, fish meal.

Can source other grains etc.

All rations are formulated from a professional Nutritionist with optimum growth and health in mind.

Also Blood and Bone Meal Fertilizer and gypsum.

All available in 20kg bags or 500kg and 1000kg bulk bags.

Delivery Available.

Bulk truck loads, call to discuss.

We have shipped products to Victoria before. Cost is around $250/pallet.

Minimum order quantity: 5 bags.

Listed in: Poultry for Sale
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