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FERTILE EGGS - Lots of Breeds

Posted by jodiebry (Secnic Rim Beaudesert.) on 10-May-22 03:24 PM AEST
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Price List Update 02/05/22
Discounts on 3 or more dozen.

(Standard Size) $50/doz
- Transylvanian Naked Neck
- Dark Barred Plymouth Rock
- Wellsummer
- Ancona
- Red Ancona
- Brown Leghorn
- Minorca black pen
- Minorca blue and splash pen
- Araucarnas
- Andalusians

WYANDOTTES (Standard Size) $50doz
- Silver Laced
- Gold Laced
- Buff Splash
- Blue & Black Mix
- Columbian

SUSSEX (Standard Size) $50/doz
- Platinum
- Buff
- Light
- Speckled
- Silver
- Coronation

WYANDOTTES (Bantam) $40/doz
- Silver Laced
- Gold Laced
- Gold Partridge (pullet breeders)
- Silver partridge (pullet breeders)

BANTAM SUSSEX (Bantam) $50/doz
- Platinum
- Light
- Coronation
- Speckled ($80/doz)
- Silver
- Buff

NAKED NECK (Bantam) $40doz
- White
- Black
Australorp Bantam ($40/doz) Blue and black mix
Rhode Island Red Bantam ($40doz)

BARNEVELDERS (Standard) $50/doz
- Gold Laced
- Silver Laced $65/doz
- Blue Laced
AUSTRALORP (Standard) $50/doz
- Splash/Blue/Black
BRAHMAS (Standard) $60/doz
- Partridge
- Light
- Blue Columbian mix
- Salmon
- Buff Columbian
Leghorn bantam
Silver and blue/gold duckwing
PEKIN (Bantam) $40/doz

- Lav /Black
- White Columbian
- Splash
- Blue
- Black
PEKINS (Bantam) $50/doz
- Gold laced
- Silver Laced
- Blue Mottle
- Black Mottle
- Furness
- Millie Fleur
- Blue gold laced
- Buff splash
- Salmon ( month away)

DUCKS (Standard) $50/doz
Exhibition Muscovies $50/doz
DUCKS (Bantam) $50/doz
- Calls mixed colour
- Calls White
- Appleyard
- Welsh harlequin

Postage is available at Buyers Expense and Risk.
$28 1 doz
$35 2 doz
Can do mixed dozens
Posted in a secure express post BOX containing Eggsafe packaging.
All care no responsibility!
Pick up and drop off is easily arranged!
Fertile egg guarantee on eggs , expect 85% or better on hatching pick up only, INFERTILE EGGS MUST BE RETURNED.
No guarantee on post-
Pick up available in Beaudesert and Greenbank on selected days.

Listed in: Poultry for Sale
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